About Us

Kanna Foundation is a non-profit research organization founded in 2008 by the efforts of a dedicated team of motivated people under the guidance of Ayya Doctor.R.Pasukkanna.

Headquartered in Coimbatore city, we diligently focus our time, effort and resources in the extensive research of our ancient varmakkalai wisdom. We are involved in rediscovering the various hidden treasures of scientific knowledge put forth by our illustrious ancestors. Our primary topic of interest is the incomparable Mudra Science and its immense benefits for an individual’s health & happiness. We aim to establish a clear, systematic record of these irrefutable yogic truths for the benefit of the society.

Our Founder
Ayya Doctor.R.Pasukkanna

Born in the effervescent Tamil city of Madurai, our Ayya grew up in the lap of natural ambiance in the Attakatti forest reservation region near Pollachi. It is this period of childhood that instigated the love for natural and natural science in him.

Despite studying computer science and becoming a computer science based professional in his youth, Doctor.Pasukkanna was soon attracted back to the traditional world of Varmakkalai, which, according to him was due to the blessings and wishes of our Godly ancestors.

After meeting, learning and practicing under a number of gurus for many years, Doctor.Pasukkanna has imbibed the true essence of Varmakkalai within himself. With the guidance of the Divine and our ancient Siddhars, our Ayya has started out on the lifelong journey towards to researching, reviving and spreading the ancient yogic wisdom of Varmakkalai, in particular the amazing Mudra Science, for the well-being of fellow human beings.