Furnace Capacity

Induction furnace = 2 no’s (300 kg and 500kg)
Cupola furnace Ø26 =12 tons /day

Moulding Machine

Machine Moulding = 3 no’s Box size 500 x 420 x 420
Hand moulding ( 3 part) = 1 m/c Starts from 100 grms Co2 process up to 400 kg’s

Production Capacity

Production capacity = 1800 moulds approx 12 tons/day

Sand Testing Methods

Wet lab sand test

Testing Equipments

SPECTRO ARL I7 Element Thermal analyzer CE Metre.
Digital pyrometer Mould hardness tester.

Fettling Capacity

Shot blasting machine=12 tons/day

Core Section

Co2 core, oil core and shell core

Type of Castings Manufactured

All grades of S.G iron and Cast iron

Type of Products Manufactured

Pumps, Valves and Automotive spares.